With Xilinx's selection of 7-series SoCs and Ultrascale MPSoCs, the ability to integrate custom intellectual property through the IP integrator is phenomenal.  However, training is essential to creating easy to test, easy to implement, and easy to verify designs.  Below, you'll find course descriptions for Embedded Design for architects, software, and hardware engineers.

Covers both IP Integrator and SDK, but with emphasis on IPI

Covers both IP Integrator and SDK, with emphasis on SDK

Zynq MPSoC and RFSoC

Zynq 7000

SDSoC (HLS recommended prerequisite)


Xilinx PetaLinux Tools

Legacy SDK and C

Troubleshooting (Legacy, covered in most of above classes)

Touches on integrating SysGen designs into IPI

Open CL and SDAccel