Can I purchase MAPS training with a credit card or purchase order?

Training through Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc. (MAPS) can be purchased with a credit card during check out.  Corporations and other business entities can also pay by purchase order/check, subject to standard approvals.  Payment selection is made during registration and check out.  See the links marked register on the MAPS training schedule.

Can I purchase training with MAPS Training and Support Credits (MTSCs)?

Training can be purchased with training and support credits purchased from Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems (MAPS), Inc.  To learn how your company can purchase MTSCs, please contact our registrar.

Can I purchase support with MTSCs?

MAPS training and support credits (MTSC) can also easily be used for support or one on one deep dive tutorials.  To learn how your company can purchase training credits, set up any non-disclosure agreements required by your company, please contact the registrar, or purchase MTSCs now at our online store.

What are the main benefits to purchasing MTSCs?

  1. Custom training that is usually 9 MTSCs/day can be purchased for 8 MTSCs/day.   Note: This does not apply to fully customized training that requires new content creation.
  2. The MTSCs can be used to purchase training and support for 18 months.
  3. The MTSCs can be used for training, one-on-one tutorials, or technical support on your design.
  4. Unused MTSCs can be combine with credit card or purchase orders to purchase training.

What are the advantages of instructor led training over canned per-recorded training available elsewhere?

  1.  Our training is conducted by experienced engineers who can discuss ramifications of different design decisions on project schedule.
  2.  Our experienced instructors have successfully delivered real production ready SoC and FPGA projects.
  3.  Our customers are able to copy the lab files after they worked on them to a jump drive for further experimentation and development back at the office.
  4.  Our experienced instructors are able to field and answer questions, that is, training is interactive.
  5. Classroom discussions are valuable.   The engineers who take our training are often experienced engineers and the discussions that result are not possible using per-recorded canned training by presenters who may have never worked on a real world SoC or FPGA based project, let alone gotten these projects to market.

Do you offer live instructor led training over the internet?

Yes, we do, as a service to people who are unable to travel.  Training the occurs at our training center in Orono, MN can also often be simulcast to remote employees or workers.  To learn more about online training through Morgan Advanced Programmable Systems, Inc., please see online training.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy can be found at the bottom of the training schedule.